The Quran's testimony

December 2020

The Testimony of the Quran

We do not in any way whatever rely upon the Quran to prove our Scriptures for us; or to show us that prophecy is to be found in the line of Israel; or even prove the Biblical evidence of Romans 3:23 that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” equally applies to the person of Muhammad. In under taking this inquiry we venture to adduce, with all courtesy and respect for our Muslim brethren, a few appropriate texts on the relevant subjects.

  1. What testimony does the Quran bear to the truth that the prophetic line is in Israel?

The testimony of the Quran is that it is in entire agreement with the Taurat in that the children of Israel are exalted above the rest of mankind by God and that He raised amongst this race prophets and messengers. It testifies that through the race of Israel the world would be blessed in the culmination of the the Messiah, the Word of God.

  1. What testimony does the Quran bear to the Bible?

It is evident to all that the Quran itself bears witness to the fact that in Muhammad’s time there existed in Arabia both Christians and Jews, who differed from one another in religion. These are both called in the Quran the “People of the Book”.The Quran testifies to the fact that the Book from which these two religious communities received their title still existed among them. As parts of this Book the Quran expressly mentions the Taurat, the Zabur, and the Injil. Moreover, the Quran states that these books were sent down by God Most High, and that the Quran itself was given afterwards to confirm them. It also teaches that those who reject these books will be punished in the next world, and states that the books of the Old and those of the New Testament agree with each other in their general teaching.

  1. What testimony does the Quran bear to the miracles of Muhammad?

The Hadith records marvellous tales of miracles shown by the Prophet, such as causing water to flow from between his fingers, satisfying multitudes from a little food, etc, but they can be regarded as absolutely worthless because had there been any single miracle of the kind, it would certainly have been mentioned in the Quran. On the contrary in the Quran where Muhammad was asked to perform a miracle he repeatedly says that he was sent with none, and gives the reason. When the Hadith are at variance with the Quran, the honest believer must reject the Hadith and accept the Quran.